I’m hopeless

I’m sitting in a cafe by myself after work and I’m just staring at the empty seat across from me.

I want someone to be there, to be on one of those cliche coffe dates you see all the time in movies and om TV.

I’ve accept the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic but every now and then even I’m dumbfounded by how much of a cheeseball I am.

- Composite of images of the Fierce Deity from Majora’s Mask manga.

I CAME BACK JUST FOR http://yunglsan.tumblr.com/post/19741816630/l3reezer-utada-hikaru-simple-clean-on-the

I hope I didn’t make a mistake doing this.


Almost forgot to take a picture today. Technically I did cause I’m an hour late but at least I remembered before going to bed.

This is probably one of my most personal, if not THE most personal, item that I have. It never leaves my neck, short of getting through airport security (though I’ve come to realize it doesn’t set off the metal detectors so I just leave it on) and just for this picture. Didn’t really feel like snapping a picture of it on my chest.

I miss home. Fuck this week. Fuck this school. Fuck everything.


Pretty much brain dead right now. Got like 3 hours of sleep and flew back to school after going back home for a day just to be back for my former high school’s graduation. Had to call my work place and say I wasn’t coming in cause I couldn’t get back to campus on time. Physics quiz and Bio midterm to round out an effectively wasted day.

I hate how almost all the pictures thus far have just been in my room. Hopefully that’ll change once summer rolls around and I’ll be out enjoying myself with friends. At least until summer school starts.

After two years, nothing’s changed.

You walk frantically, following a single path,
But when you feel as if you’ve forgotten something,
and look back to see what it is,
you’ll see a pile of things you had to leave behind,
so that you could walk that path.

Things so precious that you can neither forget, nor throw away.
But, you cannot retrace your steps, nor have the courage to stop walking.

Just bear all your regrets.
Just bury all your lingering desires.
And though you might look back again and again,
you can only continue to walk forward.

Skull, Wake Up Deadman


My bed at school. Dirty as hell but sleep so good.

That is when I can get sleep.

Obviously getting lazier but considering I ended up going to Sun God I didn’t really have a chance to take pictures using my SLR.


Olha o que eu fiiz agoraa ^^ (a-espera-do-amado)


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